I am at the beginning of the process of writing my thesis.
I will probably revise this ten times over the next few days not to mention the next year as I develop it but here is where my thesis statement is at the moment:
Shakespeare may just have been a brilliant word-smith and incredibly empathic but in “Do we not bleed?”  Shakespeare and Otherness I challenge these assumptions, and argue that a more probable and human explanation would be that Shakespeare was able to empathize with his characters who didn’t fit into society because he was an Other himself.  Through close readings of Othello, Merchant of Venice, and As You Like It I will show that Shakespeare wrote with the voice of an Other. I will look to his geographic, socioeconomic, and cultural background to explain the explorations his writing took outside the borders of Early Modern England’s cultural perspectives as evidence of his Otherness.

Any thoughts or recommendations? I'll be sharing more thesis stuff as time goes on, so you'll get to see it develop!


Muriel Solomons
05/29/2013 16:22

Hello Nora! I am a current student at MBC and I was wondering if you could explain to me exactly what the Shakespeare and Performance MLitt Program is and what job careers you can do with the degree. Thank you!


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