Today I've been thinking about dance numbers and what makes a dance number great. Here is one I enjoyed recently from this weeks Glee:
What constitutes a dance number? Does this one with Charlie Chaplin count?
Here is one I first saw while working out at the gym and I immediately fell in love with it. I think they had a "What would Fred Astaire do?" moment:
This dance number is great because everything comes together so well: circus tricks, dancing and video editing really makes this an amazing visual.
Here are some very talented people that I love and admire:
What is your favorite dance number? Do you have one that you particularly enjoy? Are there certain elements that you look for or would like to see in a good dance number?

P.S. How did you like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows? I loved it!


11/19/2010 16:32

Oh, so many I love, so I can't say there's one favorite. But the two I've watched over and over again the most are the tango in <i>Moulin Rouge</i> (I love that the DVD extras include the full dance, without the cuts back and forth to other characters) and Alejandro and Elena in <i>The Mask of Zorro</i>. That one is just... guh.


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